Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Rebecca Rodd of Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency

Rebecca Rodd is a literary agent with Levine Greenberg Rostan Literary Agency.

Rebecca joined the agency in August of 2020 and currently assists Danielle Svetcov, Kerry Sparks, and Sarah Bedingfield, while building her own list.

Rebecca received her Bachelor’s degree in English from (the illustrious) Spelman College and holds a Master’s degree in Library Science from CUNY Queens College. Before joining the agency, she was a Library Information Supervisor at Brooklyn Public Library, where she specialized in children’s literature and programming.

As a reader, Rebecca’s interests cover a wide range of genres, but most of all, she loves to read adult and YA upmarket commercial fiction that centers people of color, filled with nuance and dimension. Whether she’s reading literary fiction, contemporary fiction, something with a speculative bend, or a book club romcom, she loves to get wrapped up in a page-turning story with thoughtful, multi-dimensional characters and strong voices. And while she will always argue that “the book was better,” she is intrigued by stories she can imagine watching on the big screen, or preferably, on the small screen from the comfort of her couch.

In the nonfiction space, Rebecca is interested in millennial experiences and perspectives. She’s also interested in pop culture and social commentary, especially from underrepresented voices.

Currently, in YA and adult fiction, Rebecca is looking for: anything set on an HBCU campus, a BIPOC Big Bang Theory, a love story with the depth and complexity of Tia Williams’s Seven Days in June, or a devourable romcom that would sit nicely on a shelf with Jasmine Guillory and Helen Hoang. . In children’s, Rebecca would love to find an ensemble cast boasting equal parts brains, snark, and determination a la The Mysterious Benedict Society.

Clients include Arushi Avachat, Paige Classey, Pieper James, and Emily Marano.

Rebecca is based in Atlanta.

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