Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Kat Foxx of The Rights Factory

Kat Foxx is a literary agent at The Rights Factory.

Kathleen has an editorial background, running a freelance fiction editing company. Kat is also a writer and is heavily involved in the online writing community. She also produces/hosts the #badasswriters podcast, edits audio for The Shit No One Tells You About Writing podcast, and is a founder/host of #MoodPitch.

In fiction, she’s looking for Adult and YA thriller/mystery/suspense, gothic and supernatural horror, historical fiction (preferably pre-20th century), historical fantasy (witches, ghosts, time travel, past lives, etc.), and romcom and romance (light spice). She also enjoys fairytale/folklore retellings and some speculative fiction, anything nostalgic, anything to do with past lives and soul connections, haunted houses, ancestry, and midwifery/natural childbirth. Kat loves creepy, scary stories that makes her eyes water and gives her goosebumps! For Upper MG, she’s pretty much open to genres provided it’s cute and has a good message. Across ages and genres, stories that normalize blended, single-parent, adoptive, racially and/or culturally diverse, and same-sex families are high on her list. Kat is always seeking projects from BIPOC, disabled, neurodiverse, and historically underrepresented writers and would love to see more LGBTQIA+ stories/writers.

For nonfiction, Kat is seeking memoirs that read like fiction, motherhood/natural pregnancy and childbirth/midwifery/planned unassisted births, single parenthood (especially if paired with overcoming an abusive relationship with the other parent), past life/reincarnation, the “brotherhood” mentality of law enforcement, narcissistic abuse recovery, true crime, wine/food/travel, a history of witches and witchcraft, and ancient locations/civilizations.

She is not a good fit for : picture books, political or legal thrillers, erotica, extreme violence or torture, space operas, graphic novels, poetry, epic fantasies, hardcore sci-fi or fantasy, werewolves, vampires (unless they’re human-friendly or like ADOW), high-tech stories, anything to do with politics, AI-generated stories, biographies, academic works, self-help, health and fitness, sports, science, DIY, or religious-centred works.

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