Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Yona Levin of United Talent Agency

Yona Levin is a literary agent with United Talent Agency.

Yona joined UTA from Fletcher & Company in early 2023. They coordinate the sale and translation of agency books to publishers all over the world, and are building a list of Young Adult and Middle Grade books, as well as select adult titles. In fiction, they especially like classic adventure stories, and speculative fiction & fantasy that is off the beaten path. In nonfiction, they’re looking for big idea books from fresh perspectives. Across all genres, they look for stories that inspire empathy while still being entertaining, and are often drawn to clever writing and creative formats.

Yona received their B.A. in English and Political Science from Wellesley College before returning to their native NYC to start their publishing career at Foundry Literary + Media. Now at Fletcher & Company, they work with Melissa Chinchillo in foreign rights and assist Peter Steinberg with his titles.


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