Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Rebecca Matte of Bradford Literary Agency

Rebecca Matte is a literary agent with Bradford Literary Agency.

Rebecca (she/her) joined Bradford Literary Agency as Contract Manager and agency assistant in 2022 before moving on to take on her own clients. Prior to working at Bradford, she worked as assistant to Executive Agent Laura Rennert at the Andrea Brown Literary Agency, where she provided editorial and contract support for a wide array of books across genre and age range. Rebecca began her professional life as an IP and contracts lawyer for several prominent law firms in New York City, and now seeks to use those skills to raise up authors and help them succeed. A writer herself, Rebecca plans to be a highly editorial agent who will work with authors to help them bring their vision to reality on the page.

In general, Rebecca absolutely loves adult and YA science fiction/fantasy and queer romance. But no matter the setting—be it a far off kingdom beset by magic or around the corner in Brooklyn—Rebecca seeks out books that feature diverse, complex characters in deeply rooted relationships, platonic and romantic. A well-crafted romance will make her heart sing, while a beautifully detailed friendship will elevate any book to an instant favorite. She also gravitates towards inherently hopeful stories of self-discovery and reinvention at all ages, particularly those that center questions of gender and sexuality. She tries to bring magic to every moment of life, and loves books that do the same.

Rebecca is looking for:

Young Adult & Adult Science Fiction/Fantasy and Romance with:

  • character-driven stories with strong friendships and relationships
  • fantasy romance
  • stories of self discovery and reinvention
  • queer romance, particularly featuring f/f, bi, pan, trans, ace and other underrepresented identities
  • all of the tropes, especially when done in a new and interesting way
  • deaf, chronically ill, or disabled protagonists
  • fantasy worlds that are wholly original, or drawn from a background that is not medieval Europe

Rebecca is NOT looking for:

kidlit (PB through MG)
non fiction
stories that seek to fix or cure disability


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