Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Lori Colvin of Birch Literary

Lori Colvin is a Literary Agent with Birch Literary.

Lori has a special empathy for authors, having penned over 150 books herself, under a successful pen name. A fierce advocate for her fellow writers, Lori understands the publishing industry from many different viewpoints, and she does her absolute best to tailor her approach to meet each author’s needs.

She is seeking:

If a book doesn’t grab Lori on the first page, she generally won’t read any further, so bring out your best right away. Lori’s looking for fresh viewpoints in multiple genres, including women’s fiction, Thriller, Book Club Fiction, Mystery (but no Cozy), and more.

Things she’s not seeking at the moment: Romance, MG, or PB.

If you can make Lori laugh, cry, gasp, or stay up all night reading, you may be a good match.


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