Get to Know an Agent in Attendance: Jen Nadol of The Unter Agency

Jen Nadol is a literary agent with The Unter Agency.

Jen has worked in publishing for over ten years, first as a Young Adult author with novels published by Bloomsbury USA and Simon and Schuster. After a one year internship with Entangled Publishing, she joined The Unter Agency as an Associate Agent. Jen is originally from Reading, PA, graduated from American University with a BA in literature and has lived in Washington D.C., Boston, NYC, and now, an old farmhouse north of the city with her three sons.

“I represent adult, YA and MG, both fiction and nonfiction. In fiction, my taste leans to commercial or commercial/literary stories, most often darker contemporary, thrillers, mysteries, magical realism, horror. I also love pacey rom-coms and women’s fiction with great character development. I’m not the best fit for fantasy (of any type) or younger middle grade and don’t represent picture books or chapter books. In non fiction, I like memoir, narrative nonfiction, works that delve into the human psyche/behavior but am open to considering just about anything – surprise me! That said, I’m not a good fit for anything super political, military, business-oriented, historical or academic.”


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