Alice Speilburg is a Literary Agent and founder of Speilburg Literary. Alice has worked in book publishing for more than a decade. She is a member of the Association of American Literary Agents (formerly the AAR) and represents narrative nonfiction and commercial fiction. Her first editing gig was on the news desk of her college daily, and she is still drawn to compelling nonfiction stories, especially those written by journalists, that deepen our understanding of culture and society. In fiction, she loves a complete immersion read that takes her to another world through the eyes of unconventional characters. Alice previously worked at John Wiley & Sons, and Howard Morhaim Literary Agency. She has worked with bestselling and award-winning authors, literary and professional societies, and branded content. She spends her weekends hiking with her husband and two sons.

She represents women’s fiction, crime fiction, some fantasy (specifics below), historical fiction, mystery, thriller, action/adventure, and horror. “In fiction, I’m looking for stories that sidestep into history, magic, mystery, horror, or adventure. My favorite sub-genres are feminism, narrative nonfiction, and upmarket genre fiction.” She would love to see Historical Fiction that reimagines factual events, especially crimes or mysteries; Women’s Fiction that oscillates between modern and historical perspectives; Historical Fiction that sidesteps into magic; Fantasy based on American folklore, earthy and magical; Fantasy that contains mythical elements; Adventure Fantasy with fresh and unique magic; Police Procedural Mysteries that are grounded in both a unique investigator and an evocative setting; and Psychological Thrillers that border on horror with smart female protagonists.

She enjoys nonfiction in the areas of History, Journalism, LGBTQ, Pop Culture, Psychology, Science, Travel, and True Crime. “In nonfiction, I’m looking for cultural narratives, microhistory, nature, and pop science written by journalists and academics. I’d love to see more nonfiction proposals, so even if you think your nonfiction project is not quite what I’m looking for, please send it over so that I can take a look.” She’d love to see Pop Science Narratives that inform some particular quirk of our human nature or the world around us; Pop Science Narratives that tie closely with political discussions regarding the environment, social issues, etc.; Nonfiction Narratives that weave history or science through memoir; Nonfiction narratives that focus on the intersection of two — perhaps unlikely — subjects; Journalistic Narratives that focus on a specific place, thing, or circumstance to show something about our culture at large.

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Laura Crockett is a literary agent with TriadaUS. Laura is interested in a variety of YA and adult fiction. She’s a character-driven reader seeking voice-y narratives and compelling stakes. She’s always interested in diversity in all of its forms across all of the genres above.

In YA, she is interested in contemporary realistic fiction (romcoms, fierce feminists, strong family/friendship dynamics, light-hearted and humorous, interesting jobs/hobbies, hopeful), historical (original, accessible, unique, uncharted areas of female and/or non-Western history), and fantasy (fractured fairytales, culturally-influenced folklore, historically-inspired, elemental magic, lush world-building). Some favorite titles include Fangirl, When Dimple Met Rishi, Royals, Dumplin’, The Lie Tree, Shadowfell, The Star-Touched Queen, Outrun the Moon, Prisoner of Night & Fog, The Bird and the Blade, A Madness So Discreet, Walk on Earth a Stranger, Jackaby, and Hunted.

In adult fiction, she is interested in fantasy (inspired by historical/cultural events and folklore, in-depth world-building and authentic characterizations, ensemble casts and solo protagonists, epic and low), historical fiction (spotlight on feminism, STEM, spies and code-breaking, non-Western and little-known eras, parallel narratives), and women’s fiction (romcom, millennial-driven, slice of life, compelling obstacles and moral dilemmas). Some favorites include The City of Brass, Uprooted, Daughter of the Forest, Priory of the Orange Tree, Kings of the Wyld, Queen of Blood, In Another Time, A Secret History of Witches, The Winter Witch, Ten Thousand Doors of January, The Familiars, Shadow on the Crown, The Alice Network, Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine, Ayesha at Last, A Window Opens, Kate Morton, Abby Jimenez, Mhairi McFarlane, and Sophie Kinsella.


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