Get to Know a Faculty Member: Ashley Kunsa

Screen Shot 2019-12-16 at 11.18.43 PMAshley Kunsa is a writing instructor and assistant professor of creative writing. At the 2020 Pittsburgh conference, she is critiquing manuscripts as an add-on element for attendees. She can critique literary fiction, mainstream fiction, historical fiction, women’s fiction, and memoir.

“I hold a PhD in English literature from Duquesne University, where I taught courses in American literature, creative writing, and composition and served as the Assistant Director of the Writing Center. In 2009 I earned an MFA in fiction from Penn State University and in 2004 a BA in English writing and history from the University of Pittsburgh. I’m currently Assistant Professor of Creative Writing at Rocky Mountain College.”

“My training as a creative writer informs my critical attention to literary form and narrative theory as well as my pedagogical approach to texts both literary and nonliterary. My recent critical work considers post-9/11 American war fiction by Ben Fountain, Phil Klay, and David Abrams in the context of government, military, and media discourses about the Iraq War and the ever-evolving legacy of the Vietnam War. I also study U.S. poetry, drama, and fiction from throughout the twentieth century as well as post-WWII British fiction and poetry. A native of southwestern PA, I now live in Billings, MT where I enjoy working out, thrift shopping, and home improvement projects.”

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